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featuring awards from the California State Fair, Sacramento.

California Mid-State Fair, Paso Robles.

Ventura County Fair, etc.

Blends:  In addition, we have blended some of our Arbequina and Arbosana, and our Koronikie and Arbequina.

Canto Sol

  •        ​               Olive Oil


Our Newest crop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is delicious, fresh and has all the characteristics of award-winning oils. Canto Sol and its Estate grown olives are milled and bottled for freshness on our farm in the California Central Coast. 

Remember the best defenses against fake or adulterated oil is to look for the certification and seal of the California Oil Oil Council. They test and certify that the oil with the COOC seal is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

 Arbequina: It is rated highly for its early, high and constant productivity. The tree is a small and bushy and responds well to pruning. It is an excellent choice for super-high density plantings. It is resistant to cold and frost. It has a small symmetrically round fruit which matures in stages through November. The fruit is high in oil (20-22%) and has a distinct character with good organoleptic characteristics.

Arbosana: Another Spanish variety is prized for its small stature and high oil yields. For that reason, it is an excellent choice for high to super-high-density plantings. It is late maturing and has a tendency toward alternate bearing. It is resistant to cold. It has a very good yield in oil (19-20%) and a high quality unique fruity flavor.

Koroneiki:It is a Greek tree of medium vigor with a spreading habit and open canopy. It is an early bearer and flowers early producing copious amounts of pollen. It is resistant to drought but does not tolerate cold. The fruit matures early to intermediate (October/November) and is high yielding with very high oil content. The oil is very pleasant and high in oleic acid and very stable. It is the hardest to grown but one of the most popular of our cultivars. 

              Canto Sol Dressing / Dipping Bowl.

Create the distinctively flavorful sauces and appetizers famous in European kitchens. This uniquely shaped, little bowl is used by Gourmet Chefs around the world for grating, dipping, mixing or marinating their finest finishing oil.

You can prepare your favorite herbs, spices, fruit or vegetables and a dash of salt, crushed red or black pepper, with some Canto Sol Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a flavorful dipping sauce, marinade or salad dressings. You might just add balsamic vinegar.

Simply rub a fresh clove of garlic, ginger, or nutmeg across the recessed ceramic ridges across the bottom of the dipping bowl. Try grating orange, strawberry, zesty lemons, hard cheeses, such as Parmesan, or dark chocolate for delightful flavors.

Grating your fresh ingredients provides more concentrated flavor than chopping and retain more of the polyphenols antioxidants found in Canto Sol Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Top off your delicious dipping creation with some freshly baked French Bread baguettes.

Happy Dipping!