Canto Sol and our Community Involvement.

Just received the good news that Canto Sol has won at the CA State Fair in Sacramento. 

Our Koroneiki oil won a Gold Medal and our Arbequina oil won a Silver Medal. 

"Reaching for the Future", the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club benefit Dinner featured Arbequina our Gold medal winner and our Silver medal Arbosana. We are committed to assisting. Our oils have been gaining recognition as a significant producer of high-quality extra virgin olive oil.                                            

The results of the Eleventh Annual Central Coast Olive Oil Competition, hosted by the California Mid-State Fair took place in April 2019 and feature over 100 olive oils produced in California.

The overall goal of the Central Coast Olive Oil Competition is to provide a venue for California olive oils to be professionally judged and to educate consumers regarding the quantity and styles of olive oil produced in California. Judges are qualified based on their experience in using olive oil in cooking, education, and production.

Olive oils are separated into four categories: extra virgin, flavored extra virgin, organic extra virgin, and flavored organic extra virgin olive oil. The categories are then separated into classes by varietal. The panel of competition judges, who are from all over the state of California, evaluate each entry according to aroma, taste, and intensity, ranging from delicate to robust.

Canto Sol won!
Canto Sol Olive Oil - Koroneiki - Best in Class and a Gold Medal.
 Canto Sol Olive Oil  - Arbequina Delicate.... Silver Medal.
    Canto Sol Olive Oil  - Arbequina/Arbosana Blend ...Silv
er Medal

Canto Sol photo gallery. 

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Pasadena, CA (June 04, 2017) – Canto Sol is proud to announce that Canto Sol extra virgin olive oil Arbosana was awarded gold for the best in class at the 7th annual Central Coast Olive Oil Competition. With over 100 olive oils entered from all across California, Canto Sol emerged as one of the best olive oil in California.

We are excited and honored that we entered our two variety, Arbequina, and Arbosana, both won. Our gold awarded Arbosana stands as one of the best in class and our Arbequina, and our Arbosana/Koronikie Blend were both awarded silver for its harmonious taste.    

The oils were rated by an expert panel of esteemed judges in a double-blind tasting who rated each oil’s fruitiness, pungency and bitterness while noting any defects that are not allowed in extra virgin olive oil by law.

The judges noted the "exceptional harmony" and "high complexity" of Canto Sol Arbosana, highlighting its aromatic and taste profile. Canto Sol is one of the few recognizable and widely available olive oils in California that received awards in the competition. “We are extremely honored and proud of this recognition,” said Dr. Daniel Castro, former president of Los Angeles Community College and now Canto Sol Farm owner. “This is a family commitment to producing only the best in class extra virgin olive oil.”

Canto Sol wins at Ventura County Fair. 

This year's production of Canto Sol Extra Virgin Olive Oil has gained us, three winners, We are proud to have received gold medals for our Arbequina and our Arbosana/Koronikie Blend, in addition to a Silver medal for our Arbosana oil at the Ventura County Fair competition.

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Canto Sol is now in Ireland!

'We were so delighted with this Olive Oil. Its has a very pleasing aroma and is very mild to taste and is obviously of a very high Quality. We have not been able to find anything of the same quality here in Ireland. We will definitely keep using it.'

Mary Godley
Co Kerry

We are elated that Our oil has hit Europe!

March 26, 2018
CA State Fair Announces​
Olive Oil Competition Awards

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – As California’s extra virgin olive oil becomes one of state's fastest growing agricultural industries, the California State Fair awards the best olive oils in the Golden State in the CA State Fair Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.
This year, our expert judges were led by Orietta Gianjorio who is an internationally certified sensory evaluator of olive oil and former member of the UC Davis and California Olive Oil Council tasting panels. Together, the judges analyzed and evaluated 189 of the best olive oils grown, processed and bottled right here in California. 

“The purpose of this competition is to promote quality, and find olive oil made with passion and integrity,” said Gianjorio. “I am pleased with the level of professionalism and expertise, as well as the number of outstanding oils we tasted. This really is the Best of California. The 2018 Top California State Fair Olive Oil Competition winners are:

Canto Sol - Arbequina EVOO Blend - Silver ribbon.

Canto Sol Olive Oil Arbosana EVOO Blend  - Bronze ribbon.