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Canto Sol Olive Oil.

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For our new harvest of Olio Nuevo

It is that time of year again when Olive Oil Lovers await the release of the “Olio Nuevo”. These two Italian words simply mean “new oil”-fresh and unfiltered. Olio Nuevo captures the many wonderful images of the year’s bountiful harvest, the frenetic milling of the olives and the wonderful aroma of fresh oil delighting the senses. The tradition of olio nuevo has been passed down for generations.  It is a real treasure in Italy.

Canto Sol Olive Oil will again bring you the first pressing of its fresh and unfiltered Olio Nuevo of the 2019 harvest. Vibrant and flavorful, it is important to note that olio nuevo is meant to be consumed quickly. We use the pre-order program for our Olio Nuevo, which allows for bottling the precise amount that is ordered.

Stop by our booth at the Pasadena High School Farmer’s Market, every Saturday Morning. You can E-mail us at or call 626 590 -7967 to pre-order your Olio Nuevo.

Our proposed Harvest date is November 15, 2019 (Depending on the El Nino rains). The new and limited-edition oil will be available on the 17th.


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